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Queen International Women's hairstyles hair fashion magazine full of pictures and photographs of hairstyles and hair cuts fashion. WOMEN'S HAIR FASHION COLLECTION AUTUMN / WINTER 2009/2010 Renzo Rosso looking for a new luxury-oriented and more accessible in price to a young clientele who wants to dare unusual combinations in materials and styles of clothes. For this new collection, Diesel, was inspired by the '30s New Orleans Jazz projected in one dimension post-industrial workwear look accents where the tacks used to sophisticated forms. The fabrics are felted to art, the cloth is almost mottled, and low-cut vest sexiest and generously simulate the basque of yesteryear. And still that light tunics embroidered with sequins decay, faded-looking prints lived, satin jackets with tails and tuxedos from frac mignon femminilissimi. DKNY designed for the woman reveals his soul and metropolitan chic in line with the aesthetic codes of the house. A girl in a class of crisp but simple, yet lively, bringing with ease on the red double-breasted coats, the Chanel-style suit but whimsical at the same time, the combination of houndstooth and stripes that recur frequently in brightly colored knitwear . Color is the key of the collection, while the most striking is represented by femminilissimi thin wool jersey dresses that wrap the body with discretion, but very sensual. Nothing interesting to revisit the stern of length skirts, one of the most elegant lengths. Francisco Costa, creative director of Calvin Klein womenswear, for his latest collection takes inspiration from an imaginary journey into the desert of Santa Fe. Remarkable is the experimental work carried out on fabrics and colors, the whole range of blacks, interspersed with a few splashes of acid yellow and green malachite, with surprising results. The silhouette is based on that of many artists and intellectuals of the '30s. His is "an elegant woman and eccentric" and the collection is a triumph of aerodynamic jackets of satin and velvet treated previously unreleased, from the edge of frock coats and asymmetrically buttoned staggered panels, sleeves and back are opulent wings tissue. Tommy Hilfiger for next winter platform sends a classic collection, balanced, pragmatic and optimistic together. Classic colors, from the camel to the trench line with pilgrims and hourglass, honey coats with flash strawberry cocktail hour. Classical about matching cashmere and denim, knitwear and jersey, shearling and vintage jeans, glamorous and slightly asymmetrical and draped in dresses that glide smoothly over the body. The fan-pleated cashmere sweaters with sleeves pipisterello be worn with trousers cut ankle for the night Tommy resets the padding in the shoulders to propel the silhouette of the clothes behind Cyprus opening on the back, leaving a glimpse of the breasts and is open for portfolio legs. The latest collection of Aquascutum send a reassuring feeling, almost protective. Designers have developed a wardrobe that speaks of layers of leaders, especially leaders of overlapping apt and rain on cashmere clothing. Even fantasies tend to overlap, especially the brightly colored floral prints. The new collection from Christopher Kane's sexy, clean and very sophisticated. Parade clothes that come to life on the body and the body, central to the interests of the designer. It begins with shearling vests and jackets to go with the cardigan Prince of Wales and the reasons chess. Then culminate with the greek-style tunics, which transparently ooze sensuality.
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